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Rajshahi Medical College Campus

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Rajshahi Medical College Campus

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Welcome to Rajshahi Medical College

logoRajshahi Medical College (Bengali: রাজশাহী মেডিকেল কলেজ) is a government medical school in Bangladesh, established in 1958. It is located in Rajshahi. It is affiliated with Rajshahi University.

It was the second such institution in erstwhile East Pakistan after Dhaka Medical College. It has a large hospital that is the central provider for advanced health care in the northern part of Bangladesh.

Rajshahi Medical College admits 200 students every year for its M.B.B.S. program. Its dental unit admits a further 50 students. Students are admitted in these programs after high school and get a degree after 5 years of study and 1-year internship in the government-owned public hospital.

College entrance gate

College entrance gate

After the separation of East Bengal from India in 1947 the people of Rajshahi region was deprived of medical education and healthcare facilities.

In 1949 some renowned persons of civil society and political persons involved in administration took initiative to establish a private medical school in Rajshahi city. Initially they launched LMF diploma course under State Medical Faculty Dhaka. 80 students were admitted in first batch. In 1954 erstwhile Pakistan government converted it to government medical college. In 1958, it was launched as a complete college. It is the first medical college in northern part of Bangladesh. First head of department of Anatomy and Physiology were file-300x126respectively Lieutenant Colonel Gias Uddin Ahmed who was first principal of this college and Professor Dr. Nayeb Ali. There were 43 students in first batch including 2 female students and only 5 college staffs. The college and hospital premises are set up on 90 acres of land. The three storied 530 bed hospital was built in 1965 which included medicine, surgery and gynaecology-obstetrics Department. This hospital premises stands on 60 acres of land which was agricultural farm before. 20 bed Infectious disease hospital, leprosy control centre and

Operation Theater

150 bed Sadar hospital were affiliated with this hospital. Henceforth, Sadar hospital was converted to dental unit. At present MBBS, BDS and postgraduate course on different subjects are running in this college. BDS course was launched on 1992 and postgraduate course on 1998. General Medical Council of Great Britain recognized this medical college on 1 July

1992. Many doctors and students of this college participated in independence war of Bangladesh in 1971. A Shahid Minar was built in front of administrative building in 1974.

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